• Ulysse Chabaud


    Ulysse's research interests cover various topics related to quantum information theory, such as quantum computing, quantum cryptography and quantum communication. He investigates the necessary resources for quantum advantages and how they translate to foundational questions, in the context of continuous-variable quantum computational models in particular.

  • Maxime Garnier

    Postdoc and Tech lead

    Maxime has been trained as a theoretical condensed-matter physicist and has now taken interest in several fields of Quantum Information Processing among which delegated quantum computation. He particularly focuses on the simulation of various algorithms and protocols to better understand them and help accelerate their near-term implementations.

  • Harold Ollivier


    Harold's research focus is on building tools and methods for designing more robust applications for quantum computers. More specifically, he is active through 3 broad areas: Verification of delegated quantum computing, Noise estimation and error mitigation, Hardware-optimized quantum algorithms. Harold heads the QAT team and the QuantumTech@INRIA program.

  • Mathys Rennela


    Mathys' current focus is on quantum walk-based algorithms, quantum machine learning and quantum programming. He completed a doctoral research program on quantum foundations and quantum programming under the joint supervision of Professor Sam Staton (Oxford University) and Professor Bart Jacobs (Radboud University Nijmegen). Mathys has a broad interest in the foundations of quantum computing, and the design, verification, optimisation and implementation of quantum software.